ETICS is a system comprising of roll-formed steel profile sections fixed together as per structural engineer’s design.

The internal lining consisting of 1 – 2 layers of a 15mm Gyproc RhinoBoard (as per fire rating requirements) is fixed to the steel frame work and finished as desired.

The external lining consists of a moisture barrier membrane (ISOVER ‘Ecran Integra.membrane’) which is fixed to the steel frame work.

A sheath wall comprising of 12.5 mm Gyproc Glasroc H Board/OSB is then fixed to the frame work.

Insulation boards (Neopor or EPS panels to a density not less than 20 kg/m2) are adhered to the Glasroc H Board/OSB sheath wall using Weber.set Ceramic L adhesive and mechanical fixings as specified by Weber.

A suitable primer is applied to the wall and finally an acrylic resin bonded decorative topcoat as specified by Weber.

A sealant is then used to seal the system to ensure water tightness.

Go to www.weber-tylon.co.za for more information or download the attached technical information.

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